The objectives of Vertican Growth are based on the production and distribution of high quality CBD and THC flowers, CBD and TCH extracts, and CBD and TCH product fabrication for pharmacies, food, cosmetics and other markets.
There are 7 leading companies in the cannabis sector that receive huge investments from important businesses and are gradually entering the industry. While tobacco and alcohol sales have been decreasing, cannabis purchase has been increasing. A market research company has foreseen in a report from Brightfield Group that the sales in the industry will exceed seventeen billion for 2025.

Which are the current problems for the market?

  • The global market for medical cannabis is in need of trustworthy providers of high quality products.
  • Lack of providers that meet the Good Manufacturing Practices certifications to access their products into highly demanding markets.
  • Lack of products in the different stages of medical cannabis production.

Why and how does Vertican Growth solve these problems?

  • Developed independent businesses that are in charge of the whole production process from the cultivation of cannabis flowers to the extraction of the principal components and development of pharmaceutical formulations with THC and CBD for pharmacies, specialized clinics and cosmetics.
  • The cultivation will be developed inside green houses under stable production conditions. This allows one to have control over the quality and volume of products from the initial stage and ensures a standardized product in the second and third step in the production process.
  • Each of these businesses will be accurately certified for GMP-EU (Good Manufacturing Practices) broadening the scope of potential markets to enter.


Vertican Growth is a Canadian company with subsidiaries located in Uruguay, South America. This holding operates under a legal framework in the country: free zone tax efficiencies, agroindustrial legacy, global and local positioning as a center for the production and distribution of cannabis products and raw material.

Since subsidiaries are located in Uruguay, the business is immersed in a stable legal and political environment, under the current regulations (Law 19.172) of cannabis production, sale and distribution of both CBD and THC. The country has previous experiences with other businesses and professionals in the sector, which is a huge advantage in the face of other countries that do not have regulation and, therefore, do not count on trained professionals.

Vertican Growth will have the needed infrastructure, human resources and specifically designed technology to meet the GMP standards. This not only increases the value of the production, but also broadens the scope of potential clients, since the entrance to European markets (one of the most attractive ones) requires the EU-GMP certification.